• Green Aventurine Frog 5-Decade Rosary
B. Caldwell Creations

Green Aventurine Frog 5-Decade Rosary


  • Natural 8mm Green Aventurine stones
  • Cloisonné enamel frog Our Father beads
  • Silver-tone crucifix and St. Benedict centerpiece
  • Fully rosary: 22.5” (L)
  • Includes a prayer card featuring the 20 mysteries of the rosary

This unique rosary is perfect for the nature lover in your life.  It was handcrafted with natural green aventurine stones and adorable cloisonné frogs.  Aventurine is a form of quartz, characterized by its translucency and the presence of platy mineral inclusions that give a shimmering or glistening effect termed aventurescence. The most common color of aventurine is green, but it may also be orange, brown, yellow, blue, or gray. Since Aventurine is a natural stone, each rosary is unique and colors may vary.

Our rosaries are handcrafted using the finest and strongest beading wire to ensure that your rosary will be an heirloom for many years to come.  Aventurine can fade with prolonged exposure to the sun, so store gems in a dark place. It also reacts to extreme temperatures, so keep this gemstone off the dash of your car in summer or in winter. Be sure to clean this gemstone in warm soapy water and a soft cloth or brush. This gemstone's hardness makes it durable, but it can be sheared, so keep it separate from other gemstones. Keep away from household chemicals.