Q: What happens if my jewelry gets lost in the mail?

A: We use USPS Priority shipping for our orders, which automatically emails a tracking number when your order ships. If you feel that you should have received your order and haven't, please email us. If your order shipped, we will resend your tracking number. If your order has not shipped, we will give you the status of your order. B.Caldwell Creations is not responsible for orders lost in the mail. If your package appears to be lost, please contact the Post Office to start a claim.


Q: Where do you sell your designs?

A: I occasionally sell at festivals and markets in Louisiana. Check out the website homepage for upcoming shows.


Q: How do I care for my B.Caldwell design?

A: Click here to learn how!


Q: I lost one earring, can I buy just one to replace the missing one I lost?

A: You may purchase a half pair of earrings if they are a current design on the B.Caldwell Creations website or by emailing your request. The cost will be half the price of a full pair plus shipping.


Q: Are the beaded designs available in any length or only in the lengths shown?

A: Most of our necklaces and bracelets are available in other lengths. However, the price may vary depending on length. Please email us with your request and we will give you a quote based on your request.


Q: Does B.Caldwell Creations create custom designs?

A: We would be happy to create something especially for you. We have designed special pieces for bridesmaids to match their gowns perfectly and special birthstone rosaries for a very special grandmother. Contact us and tell us what you have in mind.


Q: I am hosting a fundraiser for my organization. Will B.Caldwell Creations provide a donation for my event?

A: To request a donation for your fundraising event, we require a written request with Tax ID # and details of the event for consideration. We respond to all requests whether we are giving a donation or not. Please, no phone calls relating to donation requests. Requests should be sent two to three months prior to the event. You can email your donation requests.