• Natural Pearl, Turquoise, & Book Charm Necklace
  • Natural Pearl, Turquoise, & Book Charm Necklace
B. Caldwell Creations

Natural Pearl, Turquoise, & Book Charm Necklace



  • 6mm & 8mm Amazonite beads
  • Sterling silver toggle clasp
  • 7mm turquoise round beads
  • 6mm Swarovski crystal
  • Natural 8mm pearls
  • Swarovski crystal bicone beads
  • Sense & Sensibility book charm
  • Necklace Length: 20”

This beautiful pearl necklace from our Bee Jane series is a beautiful way to show your love of all things Jane Austen and Regency whether you wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or with your Regency ball gown! Our necklaces are handcrafted using the finest materials to ensure that your necklace will be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe for many years to come.

Turquoise, a stone ranging in color from blue to green to yellow, is filled with patterns of brown and black matrix that are composed mainly of copper deposits. Although turquoise has captivated man's imagination for centuries, no one is sure exactly when it was discovered. It is believed that prehistoric people used and prized it for its blue-green colors because carved pieces have been found in burial and archeological sites spanning the globe. It has been used in religion, art, trade, treaty negotiations and as treasured jewelry to many kingdoms and peoples. Turquoise is one of the official birthstones for the month of December. Some turquoise is dyed to give it an evenly vivid color. Most turquoise is stabilized to improve overall strength and polish. It is mined across the globe, and each location yields specific stone colors and characteristics ranging from the bright sky blue-matrix free Sleeping Beauty turquoise from Arizona to the rough, organic yellow colors and heavy matrix mined from Africa.

Since Turquoise is a natural stone, each necklace is unique and colors may vary.